At Chrysalis Center we set goals and objectives for each of our services. It’s how we measure success. We regularly evaluate how we are doing to make sure we provide the best results for those we serve. Following are sample outcomes for a few of our services from our most recent fiscal year:

The Employment Support Network is one of our Community Employment Services. It helps people leaving prison to find and maintain job training, education and employment. The project serves 300 people per year.

  • 73% obtained employment or were enrolled in job training or education within 90 days of admission (Goal: 50%)
  • 74% of those who obtained employment, job training or education maintained participation for at least 60 days (Goal: 70%)

Veterans Support Services are part of our Community Supportive Housing Services. We serve 24 Veterans who were homeless and who are disabled due to mental illness and/or substance abuse.

  • 88% maintained stable housing for more than 6 months (Goal: 85%)
  • 100% of individuals who exited services had increased income or benefits (Goal: 50%)
  • 60% obtained employment, training or education (Goal: 23%)

Family Matters is part of our Community Supportive Housing Services. We serve 15 single parents with children. All participants were formerly homeless and all are disabled due to mental illness and/or substance abuse.

  • 100% maintained stable housing (Goal: 75%)
  • 59% of participants were employed (Goal: 23%)

Freshplace is part of our Community Connections program. It provides fresh foods and support services to 100 families in Hartford’s impoverished Upper Albany neighborhood.

Based on preliminary research over one year, Freshplace patrons have significantly lower rates of hunger (food insecurity), and significantly higher rates of self-sufficiency as compared to the control group. Outcomes to date are as follows: 

  • 78% of Freshplace patrons improved food security scores over 6 months
  • 78% of Freshplace patrons improved self-sufficiency scores over 6 months
  • 31% of patrons received services to improve financial stability
  • 68 % of patrons enrolled in public benefits such as energy or housing assistance, SNAP (food stamps) or Safelink phone
  • 63% of patrons participated in nutrition education
  • While the project serves 100 patrons at any given time, 33 individuals have graduated from services since the project inception allowing additional families to receive services.

Residential Community Support Services are part of our Community Support Services and Case Management. We serve 75 people who struggle with severe and prolonged mental illness.

  • 77% maintained or increased their level of functioning (Goal 75%)
  • 83% maintained stable housing (Goal: 80%)

Learn more about Chrysalis Center and the impact we have by watching the videos from our Butterfly Bash events: