Stories – Amin

Since Amin was in his early teens, he lived his life in and out of jail.

When he was finally released for prison, he didn’t have an education, training, or job skills to obtain employment.

Amin was referred to Chrysalis Center by his parole officer in February, 2014 and enrolled in the Employment Support Network (ESN) training and employment program. ESN’s employment program is designed exclusively for individuals released from incarceration working toward obtaining gainful employment.

Amin understood the importance of acquiring a skill that would result in a job that would allow him to take care of himself and his family. About 10 months ago, Amin enrolled in the masonry program offered through ESN. He successfully completed the program and graduated at the top of his class. Amin began working as a mason apprentice. While working, he began to pursue his own masonry business. Amin is currently the owner of Brothers, Blocks, Bricks and Mortar. He is also working toward enrollment into the carpenter union local as an avenue to obtain his masonry license. Amin is currently employed at a prevailing wage and looking for opportunities to employ others who have similar challenges as himself.

In September 2014, Amin spoke at our ex-offender reentry employment fair and was well received by the Mayor of Hartford, the Commissioner from the Connecticut Department of Corrections and other dignitaries. ESN has encouraged Amin, based on his speaking talents, to consider utilizing some of his time doing motivational speaking for individuals returning home from incarceration.

Over the past few months, Amin has been committed to encouraging others to take advantage of training opportunities that will help them earn a livable wage. Amin has the skill set to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures, and demonstrates the willingness to do whatever it takes in order to be successful.

Amin is a perfect example of the importance of training and employment programs for individuals being released from incarceration. Chrysalis Center is very proud of his achievements and considers him to be a role model for other clients, especially those returning from incarceration.