Stories – Sandra

Sandra M. came to Freshplace in October of 2014 with a primary goal plan of full time employment.
“"It is like they tell you on your first visit - if you want to make a change in your life this is the place to come."”

 "I apply to jobs, get an interview but then they see I have a record and I don’t get hired. I really need to work.”

From the start, it was apparent that Sandra had great interpersonal skills, presented well and was ambitious to find employment. Chrysalis Center program manager, Jon Mitchell, met with Sandra and reworked her resume. He also spent time online applying for employment openings that appealed to Sandra.

After receiving no response from the applications submitted, Jon consulted with Chrysalis Center’s job development team, part of the with the Chrysalis Center Employment Support Network. The team works with individuals from the department of corrections and various employers.

The team met with Sandra and set up weekly employment support workshops for Sandra to attend. Sandra not only was grateful for the employment help Freshplace offered but also the availability of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and staple items available to her at Freshplace. “It also helps having the grocery support, so I have money for my other bills.”

Sandra continues to attend the workshops as scheduled and has met with Freshplace staff and interns, whom have assisted her with navigating online employment applications and building cover letters.

“I’m so blessed to have the staff at Freshplace. They take a lot of time to meet and help me. I know I will get a job. It is like they tell you on your first visit – if you want to make a change in your life then this is the place to come.”